Beyond Brave

The complexity, connectedness and challenges of our world require people who are willing to look beyond – beyond one perspective; beyond the problems to transformational process; beyond where we are to where we could be; and perhaps most importantly, beyond who we are to who we could be— and who are committed to building bridges across these chasms. People committed to building environments where men and women can thrive. BRAVE is more than a resource. It is a network of people who understand how important this work is.

While many individuals and organizations desire thriving communities and healthy, diverse teams, they struggle to operationalize this. Combining theory and practice BRAVE offers customizable models and tools, as well as facilitated conversations to help move the needle on this important topic.



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When there are a minimum of 30% women at decision making tables around the world levels of crime, corruption and terrorism go down and levels of clean water, health care, literacy and countless other wellness factors go up. Yet there are a host of reasons why this is not happening. BRAVE joins many others seeking to address these obstacles and provide pathways forward.


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Based on 30 years of leadership and gender research and practice, BRAVE Girls uses a deceptively simple acronym that reminds girls that they are:

B Beautiful, Bright and Bold
R Resilient and Risk taking
A Agents of Action and Advocacy
V Equipped to use their Voice
E Empowered to make positive changes in their world
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Our Story

BRAVE grew out of a season of lament over the brokenness of relationships and recurring patterns of injustice we see in so many of our communities and a growing sense this was not ok.


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Our Team

Ellen Duffield has devoted her life to the intersection of leadership and community thriving. Her research, books and teaching are grounded in both biblical ideals and the real-worldchallenges of lived experience. Ellen and her husband have 2 children and six grandchildren.

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BRAVE is a network of people committed to building thriving communities and organizations. We operate in countries on both sides of the globe and offer consultation, resources, training, and BRAVE Leaders: Thriving Together, BRAVE Girls and BRAVE Women facilitator certification

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Global Land Acknowledgement and Honoring of All Peoples

We seek to live with appreciation for the land on which we reside, respect for those who have gone before, collaboration with our neighbors and an awareness that our decisions today affect our children’s futures.

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