Based on 30 years of leadership and gender research and practice, BRAVE Girls uses a deceptively simple acronym that reminds girls that they are:

B Beautiful, Bright and Bold
R Resilient and Risk taking
A Agents of Action and Advocacy
V Equipped to use their Voice
E Empowered to make positive changes in their world

Clinical psychologist Robyn Goodman suggests that a woman’s self-confidence peaks at age 9! BRAVE Girls offers proven processes and resources for those working with girls during the critical window of ages 10-13 when their confidence and sense of self is being developed.

BRAVE Girls provides countless hands-on exercises; compelling stats and stories; and provocative conversation starters to create a fun, friendship-building environment where powerful learning and shared social action can occur.

We offer both a values version and a Christian principles version of the curriculum.

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“We have used the BRAVE Girls curriculum for over 6 years in a remote northern Ontario First Nation community…. As we walk with these girls on their healing journey, the BRAVE concepts, alongside a deeper understanding of trauma have allowed these girls to develop hope for a different future than the generations of Indigenous girls and women before them.”

Karen Ward

Program Coordinator, Burning Stone Ministries.

“More than 130 girls have participated in the BRAVE Girls program at our church. We have seen them grow in confidence, deepen their relationship with God and each other and engage in meaningful ways in the local community. One unexpected benefit was how much our leaders have grown as well. This is a powerful and transformational resource.”

Carrie Jones

Family Life Pastor, Southridge Community Church