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Thriving Together

While many individuals and organizations desire thriving communities and healthy, diverse teams, they struggle to operationalize this. Combining theory and practice BRAVE offers customizable models and tools, as well as facilitated conversations to help move the needle on this important topic.

The stats are staggering. When men and a minimum of 30% women are at decision making tables around the world poor decision making, inefficiencies and injustice go down and countless factors of community and organizational well-being go up. Yet women are underrepresented at many tables.

Physical and psychological safety are critical to creativity, productivity, and engagement. Yet 50% of women leading teams describe themselves as burned out most of the time, women are much more likely to be spoken over or have their judgment questioned and 35% of women said they have been sexually harassed at work.

However, this is not the whole story. Many teams and organizations are seeing significant gains as they learn to build workplaces where both men and women can thrive. Inclusive cultures are 3 times as likely to be high performing.

BRAVE Leaders offers models, tools and concepts to enable leaders to lead thriving communities.

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