When there are a minimum of 30% women at decision making tables around the world levels of crime, corruption and terrorism go down and levels of clean water, health care, literacy and countless other wellness factors go up. Yet there are a host of reasons why this is not happening. BRAVE joins many others seeking to address these obstacles and provide pathways forward.

Based on 30 years of leadership and gender research and practice, BRAVE is a deceptively simple acronym that reminds women that they are:

B Brave
R Resilient
A Agents of Action and Advocacy
V Developing their Voice
E Expanding their Perspective and Influence

The book and supporting resources are designed to support women during times of transition and/or self-reflection. It offers group experiences, personal reflection tools, compelling statistics and stories, and provocative conversation starters to enable women to rediscover parts of themselves, connect in meaningful ways with others, and impact their world in ways that matter.  

A masterpiece… a practical well researched guide.

Courtney Lynch

ESQ. Founder and CEO, Lead Star

This book should be on the shelf of every educator who works with youth.

Ainslie Thomson


Really helpful material.

Carrie Fleetwood

M.ED, OACCPP, RP Director, Meadowbrook Counseling and Health Care Assoc